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Nikki is performing with Soft Brain Theatre Company as Prince Jennaro in "The Raven"  at Chain Theatre from June 2nd-June 12th.


"The Raven" is a centuries-old commedia dell'arte play, musicalized and contemporized by Soft Brain Theatre Company. A tragi-comic fairy tale with music, merrymaking, and buffoonery!

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Past Projects

WILL Interactive Film

Nikki starred as "Brielle" and "Dark Brielle" in the interactive training film, "A Tale of Two Brielles," created by WILL Interactive.

Check out clips of her work here.

Drive Thru Drama!

This past fall, Nikki enjoyed participating in a brand new style of interactive, yet safe and socially distanced, performance at the Alden Theatre in Mclean, Virginia.

"Objects in the Mirror may be Spookier than they Appear"

Nikki performed as "The Monster" in this fun, family-friendly fall affair!





"From the Ash Baxter Files: The Search for the Stolen Spyglass"

Nikki performed as "Ash Baxter!"


Recent Student Films

Prior to the pandemic, Nikki wrapped production on a film entitled "The Short Con" with students from the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema. Last summer, she worked on "Good Men Who Do Nothing," a Columbia MFA Thesis Film.

"Shadows" with the NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program
Nikki recently performed in a worskhop production of "Shadows," a new musical written by Morgan Smart and Nick Stephens, directed by Mia Sommese.

"The Buffoons" at the New Studio on Broadway, Physical Acting Intensive

Nikki recently performed as Marmotta in the U.S. premiere of the English translation by Sara Diaz and Jessica Goethals of Margherita Costa's 1641 commedia ridicilosa, "The Buffoons."

NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program

In fall of 2017, Nikki originated a role in the production of "Apollo" by Emily Chiu and Ellen Johnston. She also participated in a workshop reading of "The Glass Girl" by Marina Toft and David Lancelle.

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