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Content Creation

Nikki has worked as a content creator, social media manager, and video editor in a variety of contexts.

Check out some of her work below:

Social Media
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
Video Editing

"The Clouds" at the New Studio on Broadway, Physical Acting Intensive

Nikki assisted director Orlando Pabototy in developing an experimental (and entirely remote) adaptation and production of "The Clouds" by Aristophanes. The rehearsal process was conducted through Zoom, with the final performance live streaming on Vimeo. 

Check out Nikki's program design here, and a sequence she edited for the production here:

Virtual Learning Library
Nikki works as a content creator for the Georgetown Hill Early School Virtual Learning Library. Check out a sample of her editing below and find more clips on her YouTube.

Writing Samples

Radio Play Scripts

Nikki has written scripts for her "Radio Play" classes, based off of student story ideas. Check them out below:

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