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About Me

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my site. 

If you want to know a little more...


Originally from northern Virginia, I grew up running, writing, and enlisting my brother and cousins to star in feature films created with our state of the art tape based camcorder. My creative aspirations eventually carried me to NYU TIsch School of the Arts, where I studied Musical Theatre with intensive training in Physical Acting, Clown, and Commedia, in addition to on-camera technique. Since the onset of the pandemic, I have split my time between DC and NYU, channeling my creative energy into creating educational video content for preschools, working on films, teaching drama classes across the DC and NYC areas, and now starting a theatre company with colleagues from NYU. I am passionate about telling stories in new ways, finding the fun and play in everyday life, and perhaps most importantly, building up the next generation of creative thinkers and artists.

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